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The campaign “All your shopping close at hand, come to the centre” is another action that intends to dynamise the Historical Centre and the Ensanche district, and encourage use of the shops in the centre (Historical Centre and Ensanche districts) at a specific time of the year, the end of the summer, when families need to prepare their children for the school year, buying clothes and stationery, and when stocks are running low at home following the summer holiday. The campaign consists of distributing maps of the city centre with information on its establishments and the distances between different parts of the area in minutes.

The main idea behind the campaign is to transmit the idea that Pamplona city centre does not just have as much to offer as any shopping centre, but that it also offers the pleasure of an afternoon stroll, meeting people and enjoying the city without having to rush around and without missing out on the benefits of the shopping centres on the outskirts. The campaign aims to boost the idea of accessibility to the centre by any means of transport and highlights the fact that parking is not a problem if you choose to come by car.

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