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City transport

Pamplona has a complete city bus service to facilitate moving around the centre and the different neighbourhoods and nearby towns, such as Pamplona, Barañain, Burlada, Villava, Zizur Mayor, Ansoain, Berriozar, Valle de Elorz, Huarte, Beriain, Aranguren, Orkoien, Ezcabarte, Cendea de Zizur, Egüés, Berrioplano and Galar.

Bus routes operate frequently, from every 4 minutes to every hour. City transport depends on the County Council District of the Pamplona Region. All timetables and routes can be checked on its website:


All the neighbourhoods of Pamplona have taxi ranks where citizens and tourists alike can take these vehicles to move around the city and the surrounding area. To request them in specific places, you can call Teletaxi on 948232300 or 948351335.

Intercity transport

Pamplona is connected by bus with most towns in Navarre and the main cities of nearby provinces. Timetables can be checked on the website:

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Places of interest

Visit the map to view the main monuments, churches and suggestions for routes around the city.

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